Window beams

When producing window beams are used both fixed (FIX) and long-grown lamella (templates) without branches and defects. The humidity of the templates after drying is 12% (+/- 2%). The toothed tumour sites are visible on the brad edge of the beam. The RAKOLL ECO 4 glue is used to ensure high quality of bonding.
The price of beams depends on the size of the order and the size of beams required.
Grown window beams are usually glued from length-grown lamellas. The middle layer with tangential and the outer with radial cut (R/T/R). All layers are without branches and defects.
We offer grown window beams in these sizes:
72 x 75/86/115/125/145 x 6000 mm
84 x 75/86/115/125/145 x 6000 mm
96 x 75/86/115/125/145 x 6000 mm
Length-bred tangential grown beams (T/T/T) – for more information please contact us.
Fixed (non-bred) window beams are composed of one-piece non-ferrous lamella of 500 mm to 3000 mm (step 100 mm). These beams don’t have a toothed joining line.
We offer fixed window brushes in the following sizes:

72 x 86 x 500 – 3000 mm
84 x 86 x 500 – 3000 mm
96 x 86 x 500 – 3000 mm